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Works in Progress

  1. “Gender, Race, and Income: The Divergent Effect of Regulation on the Distribution of Wealth and Access to the Economy” (with Diana Thomas) (conditional acceptance, book chapter)
  2. “Economic Institutions and the Economy” (conditional acceptance, book chapter – Salem Press)
  3. “Impact of Special Events and Fan-Player Bonding on Identified Fan Consumption – A Study of Professional Soccer in the United States” (with Diego Gutierrez, Kristie N. Briggs, and James J. Zboja), Under Review
  4. “University Pharmaceutical Innovation: Characterizing University-Driven Research Patents” (with Kristie N. Briggs and Molly Myers, Creighton University student)
  5. “Property Rights, Gender Barriers, and Economic Development” (with Colin O’Reilly)
  6. "Phony Federalism: Fiscal Decentralization Under a Centralized Constitution" (with George R. Crowley)